"What do I have in my life, what place or time or activity, where the constant rush stops, where changes stop, where I come back to myself again?"
—William Bridges

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Are you wanting to feel more empowered, more enlivened and more balanced in your everyday living?

What if you could consistently feel confident & capable in making important choices?

trust yourself more in personal relationships?

experience flexibility, strength and resiliency while navigating life transitions?

We often seek therapy when we're needing something to be different about our lives. That can be both scary and exciting, and with the right support, it doesn't have to be an intimidating, grim experience. As a therapist, I believe in making therapy a place where you can explore, grow and change what you need at your own pace.

As a licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist and Expressive Arts therapist, I can guide and support you in:

*more fully understanding & expressing yourself;

*resolving habits & hurts that no longer serve you;

*bringing yourself into alignment with your highest core values;

*solving problems creatively & with resilience, while making positive changes;

*building your unique talents & skills into a lifestyle that supports optimal  wellness & success.

Effective therapy is really about finding the right fit, so I encourage you to explore my website!